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Johan Nylander

"Johan is one of the best storytellers and writers I know."

– Akash Karia, global keynote speaker and bestselling author


"A guardian of free speech." 

– Susanne Hobohm's Foundation (award-winner 2022)


"Nylander has a knack for doing journalism
as exciting as a Tom Clancy book."

– Jonas Valkonen, Senior Advisor, consultancy firm Consat

Award-winning Asia correspondent
CNN, National Geographic, Forbes, Dagens Industri, etc

Award-winning author
The Wolf Economy Awakens,
Shenzhen Superstars, The Epic Split, Förenkla


Public speaker
JP Morgan, Calvin Klein, AmCham, etc

CEO, One Hour Asia
Editing and Publishing Services


About Johan

Johan Nylander is an award-winning author and freelance China and Asia correspondent. His work is published by CNN, National Geographic Travel, Forbes, Sweden’s leading business daily Dagens Industri, and many other international media outlets. 


He’s the author of acclaimed "The Wolf Economy Awakens – Mongolia's fight for democracy, and a green and digital future." He wrote "The Epic Split – Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style." In short, the book is a report from the frontline of the US-China trade war. Nylander is also the author of "Shenzhen Superstars – How China’s smartest city is challenging Silicon Valley," which became an Amazon bestseller, as well as other books. 


He frequently gives speeches about the future of Asia and China, as well as business and tech trends and geopolitical movements in the region. 


Nylander lives with his family in Hong Kong. 

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Public speaking

"A wake-up call"

"Highly recommended!"

“We could have gone on for hours”

​Johan Nylander frequently gives speeches about Asian / Chinese business and tech trends, as well as how to navigate a new world of trade war, decoupling and boycotts.
He’s been speaking at events for international banks and consumer brands, such as JP Morgan and Calvin Klein, as well as the European and American Chambers of Commerce, Asia Society, the Rotary Club, several European banks, etc, in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan and Europe.

​“At my first visit to Shanghai/China I was lucky to listen to a presentation by Johan Nylander. It was A WAKE UP CALL!! Could observe how naive I have been about how advanced a society China has turne into. Went directly home and ordered Nylander's book for family, friends and clients.”
Niels Jacobsgaard, Managing Director of Jacobsgaard Investment Advisory and multiple Board Member

“We could have gone on for hours.”
- Richard Marsh, Transformation, Planning & Reporting Director, BT Group Corporate Affairs

“Nylander’s speech was interesting and inspirational. I got very good feedback from my team.”
Joakim Frimodig, CEO of private equity fund manager CapMan Group

”Johan’s inspiring and professional as well as personal reflections from his outpost in Hong Kong triggered a lot of questions and discussions among the participants and we are already looking forward to welcome Johan back as a speaker in our future events.”
- Elisabet Söderström, Secretary General, Sweden-China Trade Council

“I really enjoyed our discussions and Mr Nylander’s insights into business and tech trends in China and Shenzhen. Many times in the past years we’ve travelled to Silicon Valley for inspiration, but this year we wanted to understand the way forward in China and Asia. Johan Nylander is an excellent source of eye-opening ‘aha!' moments. Highly recommended!"
- Pasi Maenpaa, CEO and Executive Vice President at Elisa


Published books

The Wolf Economy Awakens

Mongolia's fight for democracy, and a green and digital future

Hong Kong University Press

The Epic Split
– Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style 

"Great On Kindle: A high quality digital reading experience." 
Shenzhen Superstars
– How China’s smartest city is challenging Silicon Valley 

"Amazon bestseller"
"100 Best Startup Books of All Time - BookAuthority"

Shenzhen – China's southern powerhouse

A coffee table-sized book of photos published by Odyssey Books


Förenkla! Så räddar du kunderna, organisationen och dig själv från krångel
(Simplify! How to save your customers, organisation and yourself from complexity)

Liber publishing

Winner of "Årets Bokstöd" by the Swedish Association of Human Resources 



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